Sunday, 24 March 2013

Outgoings :)


 Hello my Dears! How are You today? Hope you are fine and your mailbox are happy :) Well I had some outgoings last two weeks:
Letter for Sofie, Sweden.
Letter for Joana, Portugal

Letter for Laura, Canada. March, CClub :)
5 envelopes Tag for Betina, Austria via Postcrossing blog.
10 stamps + postcard tag for Amelia, Spain. Via Postcrossing blog.
And I also sent a package for Lisa, Germany, but I just forget to take photos. I also with that package sent back for her traveling notebook. I wrote about Vilnius in her traveling notebook and I want to show you how it look like :) :
On the left Lisa's traveling notebook. On the right - 4 pages I made for her about Vilnius

xoxo, Kalise

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Follow my blog with Bloglovin :)

Hello my Friends!

I just find out, that Google Friend Connect will retire from July, which means you won't be able to follow any blogs with Blogger. So if you want still follow my blog you just need to follow me with Bloglovin.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mail for today!

Hello my Dears!
Today I get two wonderful, long letters. I really enjoy reading them. Thank you Girls for such an amazing letters, they really brightened my day ;)
This one is from dear Sofie, Sweden.
And this one is from dear Joana, Portugal.
 xoxo, Kalise

Monday, 4 March 2013

Incomings and outgoings ;)

 Hello my Dear Friends!
So as I mentioned earlier I already made that sewing kit wich I get from Laura :)  well I have to admit that it is not perfect work but... I really like how it looks :)


So now a bit about that I found in my mailbox last week :) 
A letter and some wonderful stuffs from Lisa, Germany.
And a letter from my CClub partner Laura, Canada. She sent for me some cinnamon hearts candies, it was really interesting to try them :) and this wonderful hair tie (from now on this is one of my favorites for sure ;) ).


And this is some outgoings, I hope I will manage sent them out tomorrow ;) There is letters for:
  •  Karen, United States
  • Tasia, United States
  • Aletta, Netherlands

xoxo, Kalise

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Happy mailbox!

Hello my friends! 
How are you today? Now I have to show you a lot! After some weeks of silent my mailbox is really happy again :)


A pen pal package swap from dear Sam, USA.
A letter and some not cards from dear Ma, USA. Such a nice envelope - I LOVE STRAWBERRIES and red colour! :)

A letter from dear Aletta, Netherlands.
A letter from Melissa, USA.
A letter from dear Ankica, Croatia. Such a nice envelope!
And last but not least :) A letter from dear Yoanna, Hong Kong. Can you imagine that this Merry X'mas card is designed by her brother, really great job!


This is for my CClub partner Laura, Canada.
A letter for Yoanna, Hong Kong.

A letter for dear Ankica, Croatia.
And a letter for Melissa and Sam, both to USA :)
 I had more outgoings last week, but I just forget to take pictures :( Also I already finished that sewing kit wich I get from Laura, but I will show it next time ;)

xoxo, Kalise

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New mail!

Hi dear readers!
I want to show you some outgoings and incomings:


Letter and sewing kit from my new CClub partner Laura, Canada
Letter and some quite stuffs from Hannah.


Letter for dear Hannah.
Letter for my new pen pal Julia, Brazil; Letter for Joana , via and 2 tags, via postcrossing forum.

xoxo, Kalise

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Incomings and outgoings

Hi dear readers!
This is some incomings for today:
A letter from Kerri, Australia
A letter from Leslie, USA (a new pen pal for 2013 swap)
And this is so outgoings:
A package for Lisa, Germany
And letters for: Tasia (penpal under 35 swap); Aletta (a cup of tea and a letter swap); Leslie and  Kerri.