Sunday, 24 March 2013

Outgoings :)


 Hello my Dears! How are You today? Hope you are fine and your mailbox are happy :) Well I had some outgoings last two weeks:
Letter for Sofie, Sweden.
Letter for Joana, Portugal

Letter for Laura, Canada. March, CClub :)
5 envelopes Tag for Betina, Austria via Postcrossing blog.
10 stamps + postcard tag for Amelia, Spain. Via Postcrossing blog.
And I also sent a package for Lisa, Germany, but I just forget to take photos. I also with that package sent back for her traveling notebook. I wrote about Vilnius in her traveling notebook and I want to show you how it look like :) :
On the left Lisa's traveling notebook. On the right - 4 pages I made for her about Vilnius

xoxo, Kalise


  1. Hi Kalise! Those are some pretty envelopes you mailed out. I LOVE the pages you made for the traveling notebook. :)

  2. Really amazing cute sweet fun mail there.

  3. Adorable envies!:) And I love the traveling notebook. I used to take part in the traveling notebook section, but then quit... But it's so much fun to make the pages and to receive them!:)

  4. I really like the envies and stamps you used for the first two envelopes. So cute!

  5. beautiful letters *w* i'm from chile, in my country postal oficce it's in strike :'( 3 weeks ago don't recived any letter

  6. Beautifully decorated envelope :)!

  7. Great envelope ! Very interesting :)

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  9. Those envelopes look so cool! Did you made them yourself?