Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Some mail

Hi friends!

I want to show you some incoming mail :) My mailbox is happy again :)
Private swap from Tanya. Tanya if you are reading - THANK YOU, FOR ALL THESE THINGS!
Such a lovely stamps! It is my favourites stamps from Russia.
Letter from my CClub partner Hannah. This pendant is so lovely, I like it!
A book from MLavender, for recipe, recipe, recipe swap, on
Postcard from Emily. (via
Beautiful stamps!
And coffee tag, via postcrossing forum.
That's all for today ;) I also had some outgoings to Finland and USA, but I forgot to take photos :/
Nice week to everyone!

xoxo, Kalise

Friday, 14 December 2012

What is in my bag

I often enjoy reading other bloggers posts on what's currently in their bag, so I thought I'd follow suit and give it a go! 
So this is it: 
P. S. Sorry for quite dark photos. 

 xoxo, Kalise

Monday, 10 December 2012

Some outgoings and incomings :)

Hello my friends!
I want to show you some of my outgoings ;)
A letter for Hannah, my Correspondence Club partner ;)
A letter for my dear Ma.
A letter and something sweet for my new pen friend Lisa.
And a private swap for Tanya!
 And also some incomings:
I get some recipes last week from 2 my swap partners :)
My mailbox is quite sad these days :( I think it's because of snow, mail started traveling longer.
So thats all for today. Have a good day you all! :)

xoxo, Kalise

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Some mail

Hi friends!!! How are you today?  Today I want to show you some incomings :)
A letter from my dear Ma, USA. She also sent a Christmas card for me and some handmade envelopes, they are so nice!

A package and a letter from Lisa, Germany. She sent for me some Haribo, chocolate, tea and... an awesome pink scarft (!!!) I love it!
Get  "tea from tea for three #13" swap, on This one was from Francesca, Italy.  Look that happens to her note and one of the teas... it got wet in the post :( I am glad that not all packages of tea was damaged.

This is other "tea for three #13" swap from Megan, U.K.. Can;t wait to try all these teas. :)
And last but not least :) Random envie tag from Marina, on postcrossing forum. She sent for me such a lovely things! Some cards, stickers, stationery... I love it!

Also last week I made some new envelopes. This is they:
Some bigger ones, and some small ones (for coins or stamps). Can't wait to sent them to my friends :) 
Hope you also have a good mail week! I think I will show for you some outgoings in the beggining of next week ;) 

xoxo, Kalise

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Hello my friends :) how are you today? My mailbox is so sad these days... but I had a lot of outgoings today :)

Tea for three swap, on I sent 3 letters with tea for my 3 swap partners :)
Recipe, recipe, recipe swap, on Some recipes for my swap partners.
Two official postcards on postcrossing project.
And a letter for my dear friend Alexandra.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Surprise mix tag

The hope didn't disappoint me :) I get mail! This is the surprise mix tag from Tanya. Thank you for all those beatiful things ;) and the envelope is so awesome and I just love those stamps!

Morning with coffee... mmm...

Good Morning my friends! Do you already had your morning coffee? 
Monday morning is not so bad with a cup of delicious coffee :)
 My mailbox was quiet last week I get only one tag, but I hope today I will get more mail. Yes... I  know... hope is the mother of fools, but good mother does not leave her childrens... right? :)

  So this is the stationery tag I get last friday.  Thanks Opitz_97 from USA!

xoxo, Kalise

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Outgoing mail ;)

 Some outgoings for today :): 
    • Tea tag for Yvonne, Germany;
    •  Stacionary tag for Tatyana, Russia;
    • Coffe tag for Tash, Slovenia;
    • and birthday gift for Elizabeth.
 I cant show what is in the envelopes, because it should be a surprise for my friends :)
Also some outgoing postcards by postcrossing project.

xoxo, Kalise

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The joys of last week

Letter from dear Ma, USA. She used this awesome Winnie the Pooh stationery!

An oficial postcrossing from Paul, Netherlands. He sent for me not only a post card but and a page from their local newspaper, a bit information about his town and such an awesome little flag ;) Thanks a lot Paul!

And I get draw me this tag. This is kind a fashion illustration card drawn by Yulia, Russia.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Incoming and out going letters :)

I get few letters from my new pen frieds. Thanks for you Ma Xiong and Alexandra!

I already have sent letter to Ma Xiong ;) and this is letters for Alexandra and Elizabeth. They still need to be stamped (run out of stamps). I hope they reach them safely ;)

New postcards

I get all these beautiful postcards this week!

Chech Republic

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

another lucky day :)

Today I get a surprise mix tag from Belgium. Thank you very much dear Hanne!

And I get this official postcard from Germany. It's so awesome!

Recipe and PC from Australia

Yesterday I get this nice postcard from Australia! Thanks Vanessa!

     Also I found a recipe tag in my mailbox, from dear Othela, USA. 
     I hope hobo dinner will be delicious :)

Monday, 15 October 2012

♥ More postcards ♥

And from UK  GB-365634
This weekend was happy for my mailbox :)

I get these 3 official postcards:

From Italy. IT-199602
From Finland FI-1560665

And also I get a 5 different card in an envelope tag from vilderr in PC forum! Thank you very much vilderr!