Friday, 14 December 2012

What is in my bag

I often enjoy reading other bloggers posts on what's currently in their bag, so I thought I'd follow suit and give it a go! 
So this is it: 
P. S. Sorry for quite dark photos. 

 xoxo, Kalise


  1. You always carry all that stuff? Your bag must be quite heavy then? Mine is always almost empty (unless when I'm going to uni because then I need to bring all my uni stuff)

  2. Yeah, that looks heavy, but in the same time it's very pretty and glamorous :)

  3. It is not heavy at all :) notebook and journal not always is in the bag but everything else i have with me every day. I just need all these things :)

  4. New follower! Found your blog through the blog hop, can't wait to get to know you more :)