Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Some mail

Hi friends!

I want to show you some incoming mail :) My mailbox is happy again :)
Private swap from Tanya. Tanya if you are reading - THANK YOU, FOR ALL THESE THINGS!
Such a lovely stamps! It is my favourites stamps from Russia.
Letter from my CClub partner Hannah. This pendant is so lovely, I like it!
A book from MLavender, for recipe, recipe, recipe swap, on
Postcard from Emily. (via
Beautiful stamps!
And coffee tag, via postcrossing forum.
That's all for today ;) I also had some outgoings to Finland and USA, but I forgot to take photos :/
Nice week to everyone!

xoxo, Kalise


  1. Wow, it really does seem that your mail box has been very happy!! :) The stamps (both from Russia and USA) are beautiful!

    1. Oh yes! :)

      P.s. A letter for you went out today ;)

    2. Oh,thank you!! I'll be waiting for it! :)

  2. You have really nice incomings.
    I found your blog today and I'm starting to follow you now:)

  3. Yay! I'm glad the swap envelope arrived!:D

    1. Thank you Tanya again ;) Did you get it from me already?

    2. Not yet, I'll u2u and will post it on my blog as well :D
      Don't worry, it can take a bit longer to deliver to Russia.

  4. Oh great! I just found your blog from a hop and love it , that's why I am now your follower.
    Your hobby is great! I never swap or get any post card as I am not so young of posting by myself. But your stuff is great :)

    Aree With Umbrella