Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Some mail

Hi friends!

I want to show you some incoming mail :) My mailbox is happy again :)
Private swap from Tanya. Tanya if you are reading - THANK YOU, FOR ALL THESE THINGS!
Such a lovely stamps! It is my favourites stamps from Russia.
Letter from my CClub partner Hannah. This pendant is so lovely, I like it!
A book from MLavender, for recipe, recipe, recipe swap, on
Postcard from Emily. (via
Beautiful stamps!
And coffee tag, via postcrossing forum.
That's all for today ;) I also had some outgoings to Finland and USA, but I forgot to take photos :/
Nice week to everyone!

xoxo, Kalise

Friday, 14 December 2012

What is in my bag

I often enjoy reading other bloggers posts on what's currently in their bag, so I thought I'd follow suit and give it a go! 
So this is it: 
P. S. Sorry for quite dark photos. 

 xoxo, Kalise

Monday, 10 December 2012

Some outgoings and incomings :)

Hello my friends!
I want to show you some of my outgoings ;)
A letter for Hannah, my Correspondence Club partner ;)
A letter for my dear Ma.
A letter and something sweet for my new pen friend Lisa.
And a private swap for Tanya!
 And also some incomings:
I get some recipes last week from 2 my swap partners :)
My mailbox is quite sad these days :( I think it's because of snow, mail started traveling longer.
So thats all for today. Have a good day you all! :)

xoxo, Kalise

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Some mail

Hi friends!!! How are you today?  Today I want to show you some incomings :)
A letter from my dear Ma, USA. She also sent a Christmas card for me and some handmade envelopes, they are so nice!

A package and a letter from Lisa, Germany. She sent for me some Haribo, chocolate, tea and... an awesome pink scarft (!!!) I love it!
Get  "tea from tea for three #13" swap, on This one was from Francesca, Italy.  Look that happens to her note and one of the teas... it got wet in the post :( I am glad that not all packages of tea was damaged.

This is other "tea for three #13" swap from Megan, U.K.. Can;t wait to try all these teas. :)
And last but not least :) Random envie tag from Marina, on postcrossing forum. She sent for me such a lovely things! Some cards, stickers, stationery... I love it!

Also last week I made some new envelopes. This is they:
Some bigger ones, and some small ones (for coins or stamps). Can't wait to sent them to my friends :) 
Hope you also have a good mail week! I think I will show for you some outgoings in the beggining of next week ;) 

xoxo, Kalise