Thursday, 3 January 2013

Incomings and outgoings

Hi friends, how are you after holidays? 
Today I want to show you some incomings which I get just before Holidays and my first outgoings in 2013 :)


Letter from Sofie, Sweden.
Letter from Hannah, UK.
Letter from Emma, Canada
I get a lot of postcards but on the blog I decided to show only special ones, like this :) Can you imagine that it is made by cork? I really like it :)


Letter to Laura, my new CClub partner :)
Letter to Emma
Letter to Hannah
Letter to Sofie
And some outgoing postcards ;)
xoxo, Kalise


  1. OMG, so beautiful mail! Outgoing and incoming both!:D I hope you are well after holidays too. Here in Russia, we still have holidays (till January 9).
    Please don't worry about your envelope to me. These days, post is very slow here :)

    1. Thanks Tanya! I hope that you will get it soon, if not tell me and I will sent another package for you ;)

  2. Surprise!:D Dear Monika, your envelope arrived today!:D Thank you so much! I just love everything!:D I will post a picture on my blog soon.